Coca Cola & Mentos fountain

The Cola Cola Mentos experiment is quite simple. Throw a couple of mentos in a bottle of Coca Cola and a huge fountain of cola will be the result. At least in theory. To Alex I had to explain that this experiment would be impossible to do inside the house. Everything would be covered in cola. This one needed to be done outside.

The somewhat disappointing result can be seen in the video below.

Strange boat

Weird ship!
How does a ship like this keep sailing? It looks like the ship is meant to carry some sort of load, but it seems to me the top of the ship is so heavy it will tumble over at the first wave.

Origineel toiletbordje

Hoge nood!Dit bordje kwam ik tegen in de jachthaven nabij ons huis. Blijkbaar toiletten voor als je echt moet. De afbeelding klopt ook wel, want als je in de buurt van al dat water moet, dan moet je! En bij hoge nood kan je niet anders dan je benen in een rare houding plaatsen.

Making sounds

Making sounds!
“making sound (gerucht) is forbidden”

ge-rucht (het ~, ~en)

  1. gossip
  2. any prodced sound, something breaking the silence

What does this Dutch sign mean. It says access prohibited. Clearly you cannot pass over the empty field of grass. But to prohibit making sounds? Are you not allowed to talk about the field of grass, or does any sound effect the empty field? I don’t know what it means and what’s the problem with some sound. Any ideas?…