Pinda update

Pinda plant!De pinda plantjes groeide aardig, en ze hebben zelfs voor kleine pindaatjes gezorgd. Maar de nieuwe pindaatjes waren zo klein dat ze niet eetbaar waren. Ook de pinda plant was aardig vatbaar voor ongedierte.

Om aan de pinda’s te komen moest de plant gerooid worden, en moest ik de aarde flink onderzoeken. Zodoende heeft ook de pinda plant inmiddels het tijdelijke voor het eeuwige verruilt. Het was wel grappig om te zien hoe de pinda’s groeide, van klein geel bloemetje, tot uiteindelijk minipinda’s in de grond.

Peanut plant

Zak ongeroosterde pindas!I found a new project. The climate here in Las Palmas is good the entire year round and this climate makes this the perfect place for a big number of plants. The new proyect I’m considering is a peanut plant. Normally you just buy peanuts roasted with salt or sugar but I needed a version that could be planted.

Thanks to some advice I knew there to look for the correct peanuts… pet food! Parrots for example like to eat raw peanuts, and this is how I found a very big bag of raw peanuts here in Las Palmas.

Peanut with root!The first step is to peel the raw peanut, exactly the same way you normally peel a peanut. The thing I noticed was that raw peanuts are very similar to the peanuts we use for consumption, only for a small difference in the smell. After pealing the peanut I placed them (including the thin brown skin) in some dirt and I added some water. It only took three days for the peanut to sprout a root.

The second step was simple, just wait patiently for the plant to grow. This is the step I’m at now. Eventually I expect the plant to bear some new peanuts. When I get them I’ll attempt to roast them and see if I get a tasty result. This is in fact what I’ll try with all the raw peanuts that are left over.