Together!Making a nice picture of our kids has turned out to be a very difficult task. The kids need to get dressed, they need to sit still for a while, a they should smile a bit for the camera. All these things can be hard to achieve, but we were lucky and during a moment of relative peace we managed to get some very nice pictures of our boys.


Antique picture

Time and more specifically light can significantly alter a picture hanging on the wall. In the Emmastraat there is just such a picture with two little Bergs. Myself and brother Bert, just about to enjoy a delicious birthday cake. De photo used to be a full color picture, and there are still some traces of color left, but it has become a very dull picture indeed.

I wanted to improve the picture because I had noticed that the little Bert in the picture has a huge resemblance to own very own little Alan. Still, for a good comparison we need a good picture.

Before: After:

Alex’ third album

For now creating the yearly photo albums for Alex is a tradition I am managing to maintain. Alex is already three years, so it was time for a third album with pictures form his second birthday till his third birthday. The first and second album were received well by all grandfathers and grandmothers so I stuck to the same format.

Alex from two to three years
This post used to have the online version of the photo album, but is is no longer available… sorry.