Scotland 2009

We've seen Nessie!It took quite a while, but now you can finally view some of the pictures from our holiday and tour through Scotland.

We enjoyed our visit to Scotland a lot. We saw a lot of castles, very nice nature, a few hairy cows, little postcard towns, people playing bagpipes, etc.

We also learned a few things. Clearly there is a need to check your bill before paying in any restaurant or bar. The last few days of our vacation we started to check every bill we got, because my partner was fed up with the errors that we had noticed. Our check lasted a few days and resulted in 80% wrong bills which in every case had a few euros to much. The bills were never to low. After informing there was always some error that had been made without intent, but it happened so much it was obvious something was going on.

Scotland, here we come!

Scotland!Our planned vacation time is coming closer and closer and this your we are sticking to Europe. Our plan is to pass by Spain and Holland for a few days each and then on the 30th continue to Edinburgh, Scotland. In Scotland we plan to explore the country in about a week. Just to get a feel of things. Of course we’ll stop by Lock Ness and see if we are lucky and catch a glimpse of the ancient monster.

After Scotland we return to Holland where Ana will stay only a few days and I will stat a little over a week. Enough time to catch up and visit friends and family.

Our planning:
26 June Las Palmas -> Madrid
29 June Madrid -> Amsterdam
30 June Amsterdam -> Edinburgh
8 July Edinburgh -> Amsterdam
19 July Amsterdam -> Madrid
19 July Madrid -> Las Palmas