I’m home again :-)

And I am truly exhausted after a fantastic vacation. One full week of snowboard classes with board professor Andrea. All the muscles in my body are in pain. I ripped my pants and broke my supposedly unbreakable goggles while falling really hard on the back of my head. I was called a lazy side-slipper by the professor and all the green-team members were feared (in a good way) in the hotel.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some additional pictures (if they pass the censorship). Now first to get some sleep.

Wengen, Switzerland

Snowboarding!!!In a moment I’ll be heading towards Limburg (or some place near) for a cozy sleepover and afterwards I’ll be (studying) snowboarden for a week in Wengen in Switzerland. This year we have the biggest IP04 group ever. I think we’ll be a 10-person group :-), ammer, baraba, beast, em, emjee, fuzzy, herman, red devil, skiwi and me, so that promises to be a great adventure.

This year I’m going to be snowboarding the entire week (with classes of course), so for sure I will have to endure pain, extreme cold, plenty of ‘bollost”!, rolling soaking wet in the fresh snow, falling a lot, apre-ski-ing even more, trying to ignore the pain and have extreme fun!

This year I go equipped with some strong caffeine pills and I sneakily brought some toe-warmers I tested a while ago so I can spend at least one day in the snow with warm feet. I hope no-one will notice because fur sure I’ll be the laughing stock of the group if anyone sees me with my toe-warmer.

See you in a week!