We buy Gold

Gold!Some time ago we found a treasure on the beach. An old earring, which looked to be made of gold. Ana told me to throw away the worthless piece of plastic, but I had my doubts and took it home with me.

Because I was curious I took the cleaned up earring to a shop where they buy gold. I thought that they would for sure be able to tell me if it was really gold. The first test was with a magnet. The gold didn’t stick, so this was a good sign. The second test was with a filing stone and some liquid. This test also passed. Then the guy took the weight. 1.1 Grams. His offer for this was 20 euros. When I asked about the stone in the earring he laughed and told me that was for the trash.

I could have accepted the 20 euros but something didn’t feel right. Why would someone make a gold piece of jewellery and use a fake, worthless stone. What was even stranger, why would the guy measure the weight of the gold, including the worthless stone and offer a gold price based on the entire weight. This would mean he is paying a gold price for a worthless stone. I have to look a bit further. To be continued…

African coffeetable

Now for sale at the Dutch auction site marktplaats! A real bargain. An African coffee table for as little as 20 euros.

afrika-tafeltjeBeautiful African coffee table
Details: Used, width less than 50 cm, depth less than 50 cm, round form
Description: Not only is this African table beautifully designed, and perfect for placing your drinks and nibbles, but also it is a fantastic product to have in your home. Guaranteed to be a topic of many to come parties.

The table is made from some unknown dark kind of wood.

12 kilos

Now for sale at the Dutch auction site marktplaats! A real bargain. 12 kilos for as little as 5 euros.

12-kiloWeight 12 kilos for training
Details: As good as new
Description: Weight of 12 kilos. Ideal for training your muscles. Perfect for keeping hard to reach muscles in shape. Has a handy big grip, so it is ideal for people with big hands. For people with small hands this weight even offers to option to trains both hands/arms at the same time.