Good or evil

This site is certified 56% GOOD by the GematriculatorSometimes I wonder if I’m a good or a bad person and which of these two options should I aspire to be. I think I am on the side of the good, but it is something you really can’t say about yourself. Luckily there are tools which can provide the answer. This site analyses texts and the result indicates this site is relatively good.

The gematriculator analyses all words on a page, in this case this blog. Then it uses all kinds of calculations to determine the amount of good and bad.

I wonder what will be the result in two months. Maybe the result will be more evil, which would be a good thing, because I like the image better. :-)


Things are starting to faster then I was recently used to. Calling here and there, arranging tickets, comparing drop off costs of various rental cars… planning my route in more detail, deciding the places I want to visit, and for how long… finally a nice bit of stress. :-p

Whats more? Well, tonight will be a boring night. Tomorrow maybe I’ll go to parkpop, but I have my doubts. Monday and Tuesday I will need to prepare and package all the stuff I want to take and Wednesday I fly! And of course Tuesday I’ve got a pesty birthday… my own. I’ll see what I’ll do. Probably when I celebrate my birthday very few people will show up because it is a Tuesday and people will have to work. We’ll see.

La Trappe

La Trappe!Why not… beer!!, specifically the quadruple variant of La Trappe, in the special La Trappe glass, from the special La Trappe jar. First a few Heineken beers and some Hoegaardens, together will some nice trance music and a bit of online chatting. :-)

Sometimes being happy is so easy. Strange that happiness is an experience that sometimes can be achieved much more easily after consuming mind-altering substances like alcohol.

Finally making a plan

Rain and wind. A typical sight in Holland, even in the summer. It provides me with a good excuse to finally do something. After transplanting my marihuana plant, cleaning an empty fish bowl, cleaning the house and reading Good Omens there is still time lift for 1 thing… planning my trip!

For now I have the following general plan… New York, Philadelphia, Washington, …?…, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco. There is still plenty of time to plan more details, but things are flowing in the right direction. My provisional date of departure to New York is next Wednesday, but this will be confirmed tomorrow.

Doing nothing is addictive

I just experienced a flashback the my time in college when I was still studying. Doing nothing for quite some time is really addictive, and I’m starting to notice the addiction taking effect. My initial plan was to leave to the other side of the planet in the beginning of June or at least the end of June, but I’m still right here in Holland, without any concrete plans.

I think I will move my calendar a month, although I am keeping a soft deadline in mind to leave before my birthday. I still have a year so there really is no rush. I’ll see how it goes. I still have a stack of dollars ready thanks to my former employer and that money needs to be spend :-)

Sarah Bettens

I just returned from a concert by Sarah Bettens, some ex k’s choice member. The opening show was disappointing and the main act had only two songs I recognized, but that were no real hits. The audience was 80% female which was a potentially good thing, but of this 80% almost 90% were lesbians, and that made it loose its charm.

Still, for a Monday night that would otherwise would have been boring it was nice to plan a trip to 013 in Tilburg, especially for a performance of someone I had never heard from before.

Chicken training

ChickyToday I spend training a little chicken :-)

This is him, two days after hatching from his little egg. He already learned that once he is walking across my body he should head right over to my neck and in my neck lie down and relax for a comfortable and warm stay.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

It just cannot be true, and if it is really true, is it legal? And if it’s not legal, does that really matter? Well, here it is: Douglas Adams – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Audio Book. The book of books read by the author himself.

Update: Hmm, the audio book was only available a short short while, and is already part of history. For the fans I still have a copy. Send me an email if you are interested.

My flow is interrupted

My departure to America is taking more time than I would have liked, and it is all my own fault. I still don’t have any ticket which is in part caused because I still don’t know from where I will leave. The map is lying open on my table, but I’m to lazy to look it over and make some plans.

The good thing is that I’m in no hurry, because my future plans are still absent. The bad thing is that I’m slowly getting the feeling that I’m wasting my time here in Holland. I could be enjoying myself a lot more on the road. We’ll see, maybe I’m use this Sunday to think of some travel-route.

The day after VIVE la Fête!

VIVE la Fête! gave a really good performance yesterday, but what really knocked me of my feet was the show right before Vive. It was a performance by Avril, not Avril Lavigne, but some other Avril. This Avril had a strange musical apparatus, a vertical metal stick which he used to make music. Somehow the metal stick reacted to proximity and movement.

In the beginning Avril held his hand near the metal stick and removed it quickly, or he just moved his hand up and down. This resulted in some really nice sound effects. These sound effects were accompanied by a nice beat and guitar music.

While the night progresses and the end of the show came closer the use of the metal stick became more extreme… in the end he was even licking the metal stick! With his tong long licks over that thing. Good entertainment and it sounded really good!

In addition to the metal stick Avril also had a gigantic turning knob. It was the size of a big bucket. This also caused some very special effects… I think I’ll try and find an album by this guy. It was a good night!

And today… I didn’t do very much.. actually absolutely nothing, but that’s good for the spirit. :-p