Murphy’s Law strikes again. I thought about making a backup of my website just before I leave. During this backup I notices there was an anonymous user with access to MySQL, and this seemed weird. The account did have a password associated, but still, I deleted it.
And that was the end of WordPress. No more blog. :-(

At least until I returned that annoying anonymous user… another thing learned.


Hurray! Today is my birthday :-p. The first few months in this new year of my life are looking very interesting.

I am busy packing and checking if I have everything. Still a couple of friends have decided to come by tonight. That means beer, soda, chips, nuts, cake, and you name it! And all that just while I was trying to empty my fridge and freezer by eating everything. ;-)

e-Tickets and vouchers

Yes, everything arrived :-)

I received by ticket via email. Apparently only the bar code is important. I also have a voucher for a car and a voucher for my first two days in a hotel. Everything was arranged very fast thanks to Tioga Tours, a company that I found out about while reading forums about traveling to America on Fok!.

I’m looking forward to it!