Land of Dreams

While searching for a document in one of my unmarked CD’s with backups I encountered to following.

Copenhagen Interpretation:

Every time a quantum event occurs, a new universe branches off to accommodate the change. A new universe is born each and every time something as insubstantial as a photon is born, or the spin-state of an electron changes…

There is a infinity of universes. Every alternate history ever imagined, ever fantasy ever dreamed of, every universe conceived. All have concrete reality… somewhere.

Reality requires no more than belief to give it substance.

This is the introduction to the freeware game ‘Land of Dreams’. A very nice game and all for free. The theory even seems to be based on something. Image if it’s true, then it must be really bad to live in one of those universes that represents a game that I have lost, because I have lots a lot of games.