The Leidse half (after)

Pffff!!! 21 Kilometers is really a long distance, but I managed in a nice 1 hour, 50 minutes and 30 seconds. Now to get some rest :-)

According to a mailing of the organization my time was even better: 1:49:01 !

The Leidse half (before)

Only a few more hours and that it is time…. a little past 12 o clock a shot will be heard am I will start my first marathon. The weather is good, not to sunny. My preparations were good as I’ve been relaxing, sporting and focusing my mind.

The last few days I have consumed huge amounts of sugar in the form of cola, sinas, 7up and cassis. Almost every day I ate pasta or some rice product. My vitamin C consumption is very high.

I am very positive about this race. If this is for just cause we will know in a few hours.