The day after VIVE la Fête!

VIVE la Fête! gave a really good performance yesterday, but what really knocked me of my feet was the show right before Vive. It was a performance by Avril, not Avril Lavigne, but some other Avril. This Avril had a strange musical apparatus, a vertical metal stick which he used to make music. Somehow the metal stick reacted to proximity and movement.

In the beginning Avril held his hand near the metal stick and removed it quickly, or he just moved his hand up and down. This resulted in some really nice sound effects. These sound effects were accompanied by a nice beat and guitar music.

While the night progresses and the end of the show came closer the use of the metal stick became more extreme… in the end he was even licking the metal stick! With his tong long licks over that thing. Good entertainment and it sounded really good!

In addition to the metal stick Avril also had a gigantic turning knob. It was the size of a big bucket. This also caused some very special effects… I think I’ll try and find an album by this guy. It was a good night!

And today… I didn’t do very much.. actually absolutely nothing, but that’s good for the spirit. :-p