Yesterday evening and -night I can still remember because I was the BOB (designated driver). One cocktail was clearly the ruler of the night, the long island iced tea. In the little book describing the preparation they mentioned a warning, that one long island a night was more than enough, but this warning was quickly put aside.

After the 3rd round the precision with the alcoholic ingredients was totally lost. When we arrived at round 6 it was almost 2 o clock at night and one person had lost the ability to walk across the room. We decided to return home not long after.

We were at the 8th floor of a big flat so we wanted to take the lift. When it arrived all the buttons were quickly pressed and we decided to wait a while to left it return ‘clean’. The return of the lift took such a long time so we elected the stairs. As a good designated driver I expressed my concerns about taking the stairs, because I could envision problems, but minds were set.

Once I was down stairs in the central hall it only took a little time for the first drunk to arrive. 5 minutes later the second arrived in the elevator. Then there was a silence for about 5 minutes and we started hearing strange huffing and puffing sounds coming down slowly. The most drunk person had managed to take all the doormats of all the floors down with him. His hands were just able to hold on the the huge collection of mats.

After some clear discussion with his also drunk partner the two most drunk persons decided to correct the mistake that was made and return the mats. Of course it was no longer clear which home had which mat, but the two drunks tried their best. I wonder how the people reacted the next morning.

The returning of the mats took around 15 minutes. Afterward I brought everyone safely home.