Good or evil

This site is certified 56% GOOD by the GematriculatorSometimes I wonder if I’m a good or a bad person and which of these two options should I aspire to be. I think I am on the side of the good, but it is something you really can’t say about yourself. Luckily there are tools which can provide the answer. This site analyses texts and the result indicates this site is relatively good.

The gematriculator analyses all words on a page, in this case this blog. Then it uses all kinds of calculations to determine the amount of good and bad.

I wonder what will be the result in two months. Maybe the result will be more evil, which would be a good thing, because I like the image better. :-)


Things are starting to faster then I was recently used to. Calling here and there, arranging tickets, comparing drop off costs of various rental cars… planning my route in more detail, deciding the places I want to visit, and for how long… finally a nice bit of stress. :-p

Whats more? Well, tonight will be a boring night. Tomorrow maybe I’ll go to parkpop, but I have my doubts. Monday and Tuesday I will need to prepare and package all the stuff I want to take and Wednesday I fly! And of course Tuesday I’ve got a pesty birthday… my own. I’ll see what I’ll do. Probably when I celebrate my birthday very few people will show up because it is a Tuesday and people will have to work. We’ll see.