Yesterday I was visiting the famous park with the worlds biggest trees… Sequoia park, and I bought a small little souvenir Sequoia tree. In the park I noticed a lot of signs warning the visitors for the local bears.

When I saw the first sign I was wondering what my chances of survival were would I encounter a bear. I estimated my change of survival to be maybe 50%. That estimation was of course based on my vast lack of knowledge on the subject. Today I found out. Today I was walking around Yosemite park and there was a bear walking around. It was even worst, there was a bear walking around with her young. The most dangerous situation you can encounter.

But both bears were so incredibly small. You must be a real dumbo for a small bear like that you take you to the next level in life. This bear was harmless and she was only trying to get access to the trash containers. The bear failed in opening any trash and decided to go elsewhere.