Yesterday I visited the other side of the Grand Canyon. It was also a very nice side. The north side is more like a desert and the south side has much more trees. Afterwards I visited Lake Powell and stayed there the night. A very nice and relaxed lake, but clearly for wealthy people.

Today I’ve visited Brice Canyon which was nice. Afterwards I thought I’d quickly have a look at the Zion national park. The park called after the city where Neo missed out on a great party. Zion was weird and unlike the other parks because you could not enter with your car. All transport in the park went with free buses. There had already been some Dutch who told me Zion was a very nice park and worthwhile a visit, but I did not expect this. A truly beautiful park… Incredibly beautiful. After a small hike through just a small part of the part I decided I wanted to stay a few days. To get a room inside the park you need to plan ahead and arrange it between 6 and 12 month ahead of time. Alternative is to stay somewhere outside the park, and travel a little every day to get in and out. However, I was lucky. A room had become available and I took it right away.

Tomorrow I’ll spend the entire day in Zion!