Strange dilemma

I just keep thinking about this theme… ever since I left Vegas. It is even starting to frustrate me. I keep thinking about the influence time has in playing a slot machine… meaning that the result of a game will be identical if you play now or just wait 5 minutes and then plays. It the slot machine uses the time as some variable the result will be different, but still….

Even if someone claims time does have an effect, it will be impossible to prove.

San Diego

I have arrived in the Gaslight district of San Diego. I’m staying in a little hostel where some great music is sounding in the halls.

Of course I had trouble finding the place and I ended up at some weird national park. It was the weirdest national park I have ever seen…. the place where the first European sailors set foot on the continent, but the coastline near Noordwijk/Wassenaar/Scheveningen is more interesting.