This morning I hiked the riverside trail… a hike of about 5 kilometers right next to a little river. In the afternoon I did the Angels landing trail, a very big climb right up to a big mountain. In the morning, during the trip through the little river I again met my Israelian friends that I had met earlier in Brice Canyon, hiking the Navaho trail. In the afternoon climbing the huge mountain I met Tom, Donna and some English chick. All of them (including myself) had quit their jobs and were enjoying their lives. All of them had plans to visit Las Vagas, so maybe I’ll meet them again.

Tomorrow I want to do a hike to Observation Point, and then I’ll continue to the next adventure.


Yesterday I visit the little Internet cabin here, and when I returned to my room there were three deer eating the grass from the patio in front of the lodge. I was standing about 5 meters away and they just continued grazing and were not even thinking of running away. Beautiful.