Sin City

I really liked my visit to Las Vegas and I’m sad to leave the city but I must continue my trip. Outside it was always so hot but even in the heat there was always a lot of entertainment. There were lights everywhere (especially at night), the lantern poles were outfitted with little humidifiers that sprayed perfumed water into the air that causes a very nice refreshing sensation, everywhere there was music being played and there were a lot of really nice free shows to enjoy.

Inside the casinos it was always nice and cool. The gambling machines produce sound and lights that just somehow make you happy and the enormous amount of machines just make you want to play. There are people everywhere spending their money on the machines. In addition to the slot machines and gambling tables there is however much more to be experienced.

In one casino they had recreated a part of Venice, complete with rivers and little gondoliers that transported the guests through the casino. Another casino was inspired by Paris with a huge Eiffel-tower outside that continued on the inside of the casino which resembles a big French square, with the only difference being a thick carpet everywhere and of course all the gambling machines.