Home again

Metro station Chodov!I’m home again and I’m pretty tired. According to the Czech people beer can be compared to a kind of liquid bread. If this is really the case then the last week I have drank quite a large amount of bread.

Breakfast in the Czech republic was normally a sandwich with a beer and a shot of liquor. Sometimes breakfast was just some liquor made from berries, mixed with hot water. Afterwards the touristic part of the day started. My guide Zuza showed me various parts of the beautiful Prague. We started out viewing big parts of the city during the day and visiting a lot of bars during the evening. As the week progressed the time we spend in bars drinking and eating also increased quite a lot.

The result was a very nice week. Prague is a great city that I will have to visit again soon :-)

Hey Babaribariba

Carnival in Prague!!!Carnival is a party that needs to be celebrated, and it needs to be celebrated good! In Prague they celebrate carnival really good.

I just went to some awesome club, Palaca Acropolis in the Zizkov neighborhood (of course in Prague), and the stage in this club was full of people partying.

They celebrated carnival with close to all musical instruments you can think of, and the result was very nice. It resembled a combination of the Blues Brothers and Vive la Fete, with the only difference that the music was played a lot faster : -p