Swim!Alex has adapted to the water. After a slow start he has changed his view of the pool. We now have dificulty getting him out of the water. He gets out only to jump right back in. He likes to swim, splash, etc.

Happy meal vs. wok

Happy meal!Canary wok!Alex loves to eat food he knows, and if the food comes with a little gift it makes him a very happy boy. Last weekend Alex did not want to go to the Wok. He wanted a happymeal, because he could see the McDonalds right next to the Wok restaurant. After checking with the Wok place it turned out that it would be no problem if Alex entered with his parents and his happymeal and ate it at the Wok.

Once seated at the Wok a few things happened. We were sitting next to a big tank with a few turtles. Enough for Alex to loose interest in his little plastic toy. Still he had his fries and chicken. These were still good.

But then we started getting food. Alex saw his parents with plates full of shrimp, little lobsters, squid, little shells, mushrooms and a little vegetables. This was something Alex needed to try (just like his grandfather), and he didn’t touch his happymeal anymore. It was the first night Alex ate so much that we skipped his milk. He went to bed with his stomach filled to the brim.

In a few month his grandmother and father will be visiting. The perfect reason to go again.


Alex and the fish!We love to go the the beach, and we’re lucky because there are lots of beaches nearby. Both Ana and I prefer a nice sandy beach. Handy for putting up the parasol, and great for relaxing in the sand. The only bad thing it that a little bit of wind can cover you with a thin layer of sand that is impossible to remove, except by jumping into the cold ocean.

Alex on the other hand prefers a rocky beach. The perfect place for walking around with a little net catching everything that moves. Shrimp, little fish, crabs, ec.

Recently Alex caught a little fish. It ended up it his little bucket, and the good times started. First he got a big scare when he put his hand in the water and the fish touched him, but this changed with amazing speed. Soon Alex was playing with the fish and the little fish became more and more tired, until we released him back into the ocean.