Two weeks school

In two weeks a lot can change, and even more so if you are just a little boy. Two weeks ago Alex started going to school, and he was very unhappy about it, but slowly his attitude changed. Now he seems quite adapted, and walks to school without any problems. He stays there from 9 in the morning to half past 1 in the afternoon. The focus is not on learning, but on getting used to other children, a different environment and a different authority figure. All very important issues to start with at a young age.

Learning things is working very well and comes easy to Alex. When he was allowed to stay at home one day because he was sick he suddenly was sick again the next day. His illness didn’t have the desired effect, because he had to go to school regardless, and suddenly he was all better. It’s clear that Alex is a very smart little boy.


Bugfinder!What can you do when you find a little critter near your home and suddenly you get curious about what you found? Sometimes it can be very nice to investigate a little more and find out a little more about the bug you found. Lots of little animals have very positive properties and most of them would never hurt a human. Some of them are beautiful, and some have a important role then you might realize.

At Naturalis I contributed to the creation of the Bugfinder app (Dierenzoeker, for now only in Dutch). This fun free app is made for Android and iPhone. You can use the app to find out what bug you found and read all about it. The app is easy to use, made specifically for children from 7 to 11 years, but also very nice for all adults.

Ladybug!If you always wanted to find out what the strange yellow ladybug you sometimes find in the garden really is? After a little searching you will find out all about the little bug, including the fun fact that the little animal ‘plants’ his own crops.

With 300 little bugs and critters for sure you will be able to name a lot of the animals you find around your home.


Alex in uniform!
All new things are difficult and even more so when you’re just two years old and suddenly find yourself in a strange new environment called a school. Yesterday Alex went to school for the first time in his life. Only for one and a half hour and in his new school uniform, but it gave him quite a scare. He left the school crying.

Today it was even worse. Crying even more and vomiting all because of the stress of being in a very new situation. Lets hope he adapts soon.

Poor boy!