Result: 29 fish

Fishermen Berg!It was a nice adventure. Fishing on the North sea was a fun experience. Sailing for a while, trying to catch something, sailing a little more. This is how it went a couple of times and during each of the stops our bucket stayed empty and clean… until father Kees caught the first fish. Quickly loads of fish followed until we had the bucked totally filled. The result was 29 mackerels.

The result:
Bucket of fish!

The route:
Fishing route!


Mackerel!Tough sailors who defy terrible weather and the hardships of the endless ocean. The fierce life of hardship and suffering. Risking your life in a storms and in the pouring rain just to catch a few measly fish. On a ship adrift on the wild ocean praying to the mighty god of the seas to be allowed to see your home again. Knowing your family is home, living in fear and anxiety.

Most likely the trip will not be so bad as the previous paragraph depicts, but you never know. With some family and friends we are going fishing on the North Sea. With shipping company Trip we’re leaving tomorrow early in the morning to spend the entire day fishing for Mackerel. The fish we catch we can take home, so we’ll be eating lots of fish.


Geocache!Geocaching is a hobby that really has two sides to it. One is hiding something and publishing the location and some hints on where to find it on the geocaching website. The other part is going out to find hidden caches. There are really a lot of caches out there and almost certain in Holland you’ll find one close near your location. To find a cache you can use your phone or a gps receiver and search for the published coordinates.

Last week I went to search for my first caches and it was quite fun! Some caches are hard to find because they are very small or well hidden but others are much easier. It is nice to go somewhere you normally would not venture. At some caches you can leave your name, or make a trade of some small item inside.

2 years

Today we celebrate. Our little Alex is already two years. Time flies and Alex is growing very fast. He is doing well and so are we. Since April I have been in living in Holland so I was far away, but we have good hopes that we well be reunited in the near future. Right now we’ll have to settle with seeing each other online almost every day so out family keeps in touch.

Alex experienced another year of great advancements. During his first birthday he was still crawling through the house. Now he is running, climbing, jumping, talking in Spanish and Dutch with quite a few words, drinking his own milk and even sometimes peeing on his potty.

We are very proud of our little boy and while we can only imagine a fantastic next year we are sure Alex will surprise us again and again. We are looking forward to the next year but first today we celebrate.

For the occasion we have a very nice video of Alex singing the Spanish version of “Happy Birthday” which is called “Cumpleaños feliz”. The text is easy:

Cumpleaños feliz
cumpleaños feliz
te deseamos todos
cumpleaños feliz.

Alex made a little addition at the end. He end with a nice “Ya esta”, which means “Done”.

Cut short

Cut short!
Alex once again had a haircut, resulting in a nice short hairdo. According to his mother he now looks even more like his father, which of course it way to much credit for me. Still it is undeniable that he is a very good looking kid.

It is already the second time Alex’ hair is cut, and this time he knew it would be painless. He kept smiling while his hair was cut.