Ford Focus

Ford Focus!We have a new car! We traded in our faithful Seat Ibiza and now we have a new nine year old red Focus.

Well, the car was as good as new when we bought it. After a few days of use we have notices that our parking place on -3 is giving us quite a few problems. The car already had some big dents and huge scratches on the left side, the right side and on the front bumper.

Cement tank

Cement tank!
It is truly fantastic to see a little kid enjoying himself so thoroughly. His can only lead to a very good feeling for the people around him. Weeks after Alex’ visit to Holland there were still kids coming by asking for him.

On the potty

Potty!A few days ago we had a little celebration. Alex indicated all by himself that he needed to pee, and after getting his potty he sat down and peed away. Mommy and daddy were o so proud, but Alex himself was even more impressed. Halfway he got up and started running through the room while cheering and continuing to pee.

Again we see another step taken by Alex towards his adulthood. He is still developing very very fast and we all wonder what will be his next big advance.