Fourth postcard to Spain

The fourth postcard comes with quite a bit of explanations. All the prices of all four postcards need to be collected, en the sets of two prices need to be pasted together.

This needs to be done in the following manner:
Latitude: – xx.xxxx
Longitude: -xx.xxxxx

The coordinates refer a a place somewhere on earth. A place we wanted to go a long time ago, but we never did. Will this be the occasion where we do realize one of our dreams?

Postcard 4 (send of the 10th of oktober):
Ana in Zara reclame!

Third postcard to Spain

The third postcard comes with a little help. It is explained that there need to be made a few combinations. The price of the happy meal and the price of the dress are related. The prices of the sun glasses and the broom are also related.

Postcard 3 (send on the 7th of oktober):
Ana in Ray Ban reclame!

Second postcard to Spain

The second postcard also had an advertisement. This time it features a nice broom from the Gamma, but rest assured. There is no deeper meaning to the card as our home is always nice and clean.

Postcard 2 (send on the 3rd of October):
Alex in a Gamma broom advertisement!

First postcard to Spain

This month is a special month and to celebrate I have send a couple of postcards to Spain. Each card has a commercial on it, and together the cards form a riddle. I wonder if Ana will figure it out.

Postcard 1 (send on the 1th of October) :
Alex in a McDonald advertisement!

Colored once again

Progress can’t be stopped and it looks like we’re moving ever faster to a new digitally oriented society. Payments are done using plastic and the future promises even more advanced possibilities using your phone to pay for things. Everything turns digital which makes things easier and faster. Except where there is a power outage. In that case we still need to rely on old bank notes and coins.

To keep the market for coins alive the Dutch mint is researching different approaches targeted at the various market segments. One of the markets identified is the collectors. Coins collectors have by definition access to financial means, and most are happy to spend a little bit to keep their collection complete.

Since a few years coins are packaged in a credit card format. A little piece of added carton which raises the price about 400%. The same way old coins are release in a new package, and for a much higher price. These carton versions are very popular. More recent the Dutch mint also started experimenting with colored coins. These have existed for a longer time, but now they have reached a more official character; specifically because they are being sold by the Royal Dutch Mint (KNM).

Dutch 2 Euro 2013 in color!Since a few years the KNM started creating colored coins. Last week there was another one, and this time it was a colored two euro coin minted in honor of 200 years of Dutch kingdom. The 1500 sets of colored coins were sold out within the hour.

It still remains unclear what is the status of the colored coins. According to the KNM the coins are “Official 2 euro 200 years Monarchy 2013 in Proof-quality with color“. The coin might be official, but legally it is a modified (painted) coin, which means it cannot be used as legal tender. Based on the low amount of coins being minted it seems clear this colored set is solely aimed at collectors.

The (official) colored coins minted so far by the KNM:

Year Coin Quantity Introduction
2013 200 year kingdom combinationset 1500 sets
3 two euro coins per set
1 colored two euro coin
Nominal value 2 euro per coin
€ 75,00 info
2013 Vrede van Utrecht color set 1000 sets
6 silver coins per set
Nominal value 5 euro per coin
€ 275,00 info
2012 Lucky 10 cents 15.000 coins
Nominal value 10 cent
€ 4,95 info
2012 Tulpen vijfje color set 750 sets
4 silver coins per set
Nominal value 5 euro per coin
€ 200,00 info