Absinth ritual

Absinth!Naturally I brought a bunch of souvenirs from my weekend in Prague. One of the souvenirs is a small special bottle of ‘Absinth – The Green Fairy’. Since a few days I know that you don’t just drink Absinth just like that. No! There is ritual you need to follow, and if there’s something I like it’s rituals. :-)

This is the official (Czech) Absinth ritual:
· Fill up a very small glass with 1/4 of Absinth.
· Place a special teaspoon on top of the glass, and place a little cube of sugar on top of the teaspoon.
· Poor 1/4 of Absinth over the sugar cube that is hanging above the Absinth.
· Light the sugar cube and let it burn for a while (like a minute).
· When the sugar cube starts to turn to caramel extinguish the fire and stir the sugar through the Absinth.
· Add some ice cold water to the Absinth and it is ready to drink. Enjoy!

To illustrate:
Absinth ritual!The spoon with the sugar is on top of the glass. After poring some absinth over it you simply burn the sugar… wait a little and that stir everything together. That’s it. Be careful though… there is a rumor that says you might get drunk very fast.

Nazdravje! Na zdraví!