2021 – New year, new opportunities

The new year 2021 started quietly. We did not celebrate this new yaer like the previous ones. No party, no fireworks, no get togethers. Still caught in a worldwide pandemic things were really low key. There seems to be a vaccin but that will probably take a while for everyone to get it. Lets hope that next year we can once again celebrate the new year in a more festive manner.

Last year was not very good for Alex. He broke both of arm. First one and a couple of months later the other. He spend almost half a year healing. Alex is a very physical child. Always running and jumping and almost never sitting still. He was already walking on his hands, and one of his favorite youtubers is a guy explaining how to correctly do parcour. It is hard to be so physical and still need to tend two broken arms. For us as parents it is very scary at times. When Alex is standing on his hands, just after removing the cast, is hard to see. Clearly he is confident and that is good, but still it scares me because you never know what might happen.

Alex’ school results continue to be very good. In addition he takes keyboard classes where he is also in the top of his class, and he goes to English classes where he is also in the top. The only thing that is difficult for Alex is concentrating on his homework. Reserving time for his homework and then concentrating and doing a good job is a frequent source of discussion.

Alan is doing very well also. He is just starting reading and writing and has to practice every day. This is still a bit hard, because Alan needs to get used to to doing some work at home, and not only play. Still, he is very young so there is lots of time for him to pick up some good studying habits. Alan also started music classes where he is one of the best students.

As a family we are doing okay, but sometimes things get very hectic. Alex likes to invest loads of energy in his play time. He will run and jump. Over the couch, across the tables, over and under the furniture. Sometimes things break and usually someone end up hurt (normally Alan is the one that will end up crying). It generates difficult situations to deal with. Once one of the kids is crying normally if will also affect the other. If Alex is in pain Alan will also cry and sometimes even more then Alex. The other way around is the same. If Alan is in pain Alex will also cry.

We are still in the process of moving to our new place. I am already living in our new appartment, and Ana and the kids are expected to move this week.