Painting is the perfect stimulation of the creativity of a small little boy. Alex even demonstrated he had quite some talent! No only did he paint a very nice abstract interpretation of something on the available paper, he also painted his hands, his pants (originally plain red), his socks and his shirt.
Alex - van Gogh!Alex - van Gogh!
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Plant-a-tree day

Last weekend it was plant-a-tree day and of course we went out and planted some trees. The trees were planted near a forest close to Moya. Ana planted a Madroño, a typical tree from Madrid. I planted a Laurel and Alex also planted a Laurel. It was a nice event which included a picknick and a nice walk through nature. After planting the trees some heavy rains broke out, so the trees got a nice drink.
Plant-a-tree day!Plant-a-tree day!Plant-a-tree day!Plant-a-tree day!

Art on the wall

Art on the wall!Who would not like a piece of original art on the wall. I already have my ‘Dre‘, but now it has become a lot easier to get some really unique art.

Using the website ‘Werk aan de muur’ you can browse through thousands of pieces of art and you can even upload your own creations. Once you have found a piece you like you can set a lot of options to get the art exactly as you want, specifying material, size, etc. It is so easy that I already have my own little Adrie Berg art shop.

The day of the bike

The day of the bike!Contador, the Spanish bicycle hero also attended!Last sunday I could once again get my fold-up-bike from the garage.It was the day of the bike and the local highway, the GC1 was closed to all traffic except for thousands of bikes. I did not expect that the Canarian people would have so much bikes. They keep them well hidden.

It was a short distance of about 5 kilometers, but it was fun anyway. Gran Canaria suddenly resembled Holland, except for the sunny weather of course.

The first steps

Alex’ first steps without a helping hand. Although we try and help him and catch him when he falls it is a difficult task because he wants to walk by himself all the time. Usually he falls on his ass, but sometimes he falls painfully on his face, still he does not quit. Our hero!


Alex having a McDonalds coke!Lots of parents will recognize the situations that arise with a McDonalds. With a little guy it is sometimes difficult to avoid. If you are walking on the street and you encounter a colorful place he just needs to enter it. As a parent it is sometimes difficult to say no and at times you just give in.

Once inside you ask for a happymeal, but he does not want any happy meal. He wants to be supersized. A nice big cola, fries and a burger. This results in this photo.


Alex - The Canteras beach!The local beach here is called Canteras. It is located in the middle of the city and it is the ideal place to spend a hot 30 degrees weekend. Alex really loved his stay at the beach.

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Alex - Canteras beach!Alex - Canteras beach!