DatePad 2.2

DatePad 2.2New and improved! DatePad combines the power of a calendar with the ease of a text editor. DatePad can be used in a large number of ways. It’s main function is to store text which is specific to a certain date. The new version of DatePad has a big number of improvements including a date and time calculator.

DatePad is freeware, this means you can download the zipfile with the installer package of the brand new DatePad 2.2 for free. Don’t forget to read more about this version in the documentation.

DatePad, to keep a record of … the fish you catch and release, the birds you spotted, the shape of the clouds, the change of the weather, the temperature of the water, your bad fortune, the amount of pollen in the air, the medication you take, the food you eat, the amount of alcohol you drink, the family meetings, the dreams you have, the time you spend working, the mistakes you make, what you are working on in a day, the events you visited with your friends, the concerts you visit, the wines you taste, the progress of your hobby, the people you meet, the stories you hear, the news events that effect your life, your luck, the happenings in your family, your relationship with others, the progress of your rehabilitation, the songs you can play on the guitar, the poetry you think of, the ufo’s you see, the things you pray for, the knowledge your gain, the wierd thoughts you have, the money you spend, the money you earn, your sports achivements, the medals you win, the medals you don’t win, the idols you have, the things you find on the beach, the valuables you detect with your metal detector, the times you are using the phone, the websites you find interesting, the notes you just want to write down quickly, the books you read, the things you miss in your life, the happy moments you like to remember, the color that is added to your life, the mistakes your government makes, your secret thoughts and desires, your view of life, what happens in your favorite soap, the amount of gasoline you use and much much more.

DatePad, to keep a record of … everything.

That liter again

In the past I have been confronted with the difference between liters and kilos before causing problems in realizing the relation between the two. The confusion was created by a bag of sand that contained much more liters than kilos. Now I found a suitcase which advertises a content of 20 liters. It is a really huge suitcase. I regularly buy bottled water in an 8 liter container and I am sure 4 of these bottles could easily fit inside the suitcase. 4 bottles of 8 liters water is still 32 liters of water and this is much more than should oficially fit inside the suitcase.

Probably the manufacturer of the suitcase specifies the 20 liter limit because many airports have a weight limit per suitcase of 20 kilos. 1 kilo is equal to 1 liter, so it is easy to figure out the limit to place on the bag. It is easy, but incorrect. The suitcase is being sold with a content of 20 liters, but it easily fits 32 liters. Why sell something for less that it is? And why is the content of the suitcase expressed in weight? Is it not easier to design a new system where you indicate more clearly how many items fit inside the bag.

Weer een verhuizing

Samenwonen!Dit keer een verhuizing naar Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. Hopelijk deze keer voor een wat langere periode. Ik woon nu voor het eerst samen en dat is zeker deze eerste paar dagen een zeer rare ervaring. Ik hoop maar dat ik het overleef.


Lightning harvest
Red light, I’m gonna cross the street.
Red light, it means danger on it.
I look for problems over I am
I have magnetic field for them around me.

The Bageaters are a Spanish group of amateur musicians that perform regularly at various places near Madrid. The lyrics are nice and their music can be downloaded for free, so if your curious to hear some Spanish music with English lyrics this is your chance.

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias!I’ll be in Gran Canaria from the 6th of April until the 14th. Ana wants to evaluate her future job and I will go and enjoy the sun for a week. Afterwards we’ll return to Madrid and we’ll have a decision to make. Do we or don’t we go to Gran Canaria for quite a long period. Who knows. In a few weeks I expect to have an update.