Cow a.k.a. Cava!It started out a normal day. We were in the class and were devided in three groups of two persons. The assignment was to make a description of an invention without naming the invention, and the other groups had to discuss and guess the topic. Me and Mark described a very easy to guess invention:

Nacio en el primero siglo, para substituar el cambiar el producto, por example, cambiar vaca con oveja es muy dificiel., pero este invention mejor cambiar pero creao el ladron.
El inventor es une incognito, pero muy muy rico. El creation es substituyo muy rapido con plastic en estos tiempas.

Everybody could easily guess it was ‘dinero’ we were describing.

But later in the class it happened…

The teacher we have does not speak english and is sometimes a little bit disappointed about our level of spanish. Sometimes we discuss things in english to clarify. During an outbreak of frustration it happened. The teacher selected Mark, and explained he never spoke spanish in the class and called him a vaca. Luckely the word vaca was a word we used in our little text, so we could understand perfectly.

Well, it was very funny and it was good that the lesson was almost finished because I laughed a lot.