Adventure!‘You are going to do it again’. This is the first thing a colleague told me after I told him about my plans. He was right, I am going to do it again. Live another adventure. I’ve been having the feeling that I would like my life to take a different direction. It may sound strange but I want more from life, much more than I’m getting/achieving now. I feel like adding more risk to my life will help me achieve much more.

Around two years ago I made my first move. It was a gamble. I quit and want for an adventure in the ‘wild’ America. I enjoyed this adventure thoroughly and I want more, just a little different. Three months of living another culture, meeting new people, different relations, different customs, a different language and lots of things different, but still within my grasp.

I decided to go to Madrid. Learning to speak Spanish is the official reason. Ana is also a reason and there are more. I will probably end up in a very hot place. It will most likely be more than three months and for sure I’ll miss a lot of people. I suspect this trip will change me much more than I can now imagine. What ever will be the case, my mind is set, and I’m going to take another risk. I plan to enjoy this adventure to the fullest and I’ll see what happens after wards.