Liter vs. Kilo

Cactus soil!One liter of water weighs exactly one kilo. Simple, but what about a liter of simple soil? Yesterday I bought a bag of cactus soil with a size of 25 liters. Quite a lot, but I have a big cactus. Now the strange part, according to the packaging the 25 liters of dirt weighs only 7.5 kilos.

Strange, because if 25 liters of cactus soil only weighs 7.5 kilos and 25 liters of water weighs exactly 25 kilo, then cactus soil is a lot lighter then water and it should float.

I don’t get it. Maybe it is some kind of marketing trick by Naturado, of I just don’t see the logic. I will send them an email to ask them to clear thing up.