Alan already had a well trained neck, but he keeps progressing and is getting stronger all the time. His diet is still limited to only milk, but he is starting to complain, so we let him lick some fruit. He already sucked on a piece of apple, an orange and a pear, and he loved the new flavors.
Alan - Neck

Neck and cabbage

Alex en Alan!Alan is growing very very fast. Like they say in Dutch he’s growing like a cabbage. He is getting bigger by the day and he is getting stronger. We train him sometimes to support his neck and as you can see in the image he is doing nicely.

Alan also spoke his first word. Not the cliche like every other baby, no, Alan didn’t settle for ‘mommy’ but choose his first word very carefully and made his first alliance at the same time. His first word was ‘Alex’.

Corriendo por Vegueta

Alex - corriendo por vegueta 2016!I started running again and ran a nice lap in the center of Las Palmas called Corriendo por Vegueta. 10 Kilometers which resulted in a very nice 52:45. Not bad at all.

Maybe I was expecting a little bit of attention for the running effort, but I did not get any. All the attention went to Alex who ran his first match of about 100 meters. He was followed by a cameraman that grabbed his entire run.


2016 Valentine Alex!
Even though Alex is only four he is already conscious about Valentines day and he had worked hard on a beautiful card for a girl in his class.

After lots of coloring, cutting and pasting the result was a very nice card, and after giving it to the girl Alex received a well deserved kiss. Alex was very pleased.

Alan three weeks

Our youngest son is aready three weeks.

Alan - 3 weeks with Alex

Alan - 3 weeksAlan is doing very well. He is slowly growing and gaining weight. His relation with his big brother is also developing and it looks like it is going to turn out okay. The last couple of weeks have been quite a change for all of us.

We’ll be staying in Madrid for a week more and then we take the plane and head on home.


alan-geborenWe are very proud to welcome our new son to the world. Alan was born on the 6th of december, at 11:45. His weight was 3465 gram and his length was 49.5 centimeters.


Alan echo!Our last checkup came acompanied with a date. If all goes well little Alan will see his first light on the 6th of december.


Today we leave for Madrid. The three of us. Ana with her huge belly, Alex and me. We hope to return home at the end of december or the beginning of january. When we return we’ll need four tickets. One for Ana, Alex, Alan and me.