4 years already

On the 1st of June 2004 I wrote the first entry on this blog. At first the only reason was to write about my trip to America, the land of limitless possibilities. Now, after four years I’m still writing new posts. This blog is still the same with new content every now and then, bt my life is completely different. A change from a 9 to 5 job to a life where I’m not sure what I will be doing tomorrow. A life with surprises, adventure, experiences and life-lessons.

I’ve got a Spanish girlfriend, I live in Gran Canaria and I speak a reasonable amount of Spanish. My brother is in a similar situation. He’s traveling the world, spending a great deal of time in south America. He has an Australian girlfriend and he’s thinking about moving to Australia. Maybe in a family thing, but if so, why have my parent been living in Noordwijkerhout all these years?

I am very happy with the experiences life brings me, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned. On the other hand it is sad I had to leave a part of my old life behind. No more Friday afternoon drinks, no more running every Tuesday, no more South African braai’s at Kamp’s place and no more visiting my parents in the weekends. It even stranger, I started cleaning during the week.

Hopefully I can continue this live a few more years. I’m full of good hope.


12 grapes!A Spanish tradition that I will enjoy this year for the first time is eating 12 grapes when we move on the the new year. Each grape represents a month filled with prosperity and good luck in 2007.

The new year is almost here and it is a typical time to look back, evaluate the passed year and look forward to the new year.

This last year has been a year with quite some adventures. I quit my job and left for Spain. In Spain I spend the first three months learning the language and afterwords I started looking for a job. I did find some work, but I still need to start. It’s all quite fuzzy, but I’ve got good hopes to start in January.

Sport-wise things didn’t go as planned. I stopped running and, unlike in Leiden where I owned four bikes, I don’t have any bike any more. I do just about manage to go swimming once a week.

Next year will be a surprise, but still some things are already clear. January the 2nd I will move from Alcorcon to the center of Madrid and I will start living in an apartment in ‘Luna’. I hope to be employed for about half a year for a Spanish company and afterwards I will go together with Ana to Glasgow, to have a nice look around Scotland.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments this last year. I wish everyone a very nice 2007!

Happy newyear!

Happy 2006!The new year is starting again. Last years good intentions have been reasonably accomplish and I enter the new year with a very good feeling.

For the family reunion (that I will miss this year) I wrote a summary covering the most important things that happened to me the last year. A nice story which makes a perfect blog post as well.

Last year was a great year. I have spend a big part of the year as a civil servant. A fun experience that I can definitely recommend anyone. I began the year in Antwerp and have visited Wengen, Prague, Prague once more, Madrid, München and Milan. The year has it’s good times and it’s not so good times. Even though sometimes people call me immature I celebrated my 30th birthday. My health is good and I still live in Leiden. I also love to visit The Hague every Friday for drinks.

Sport-wise things are going okay. I’m still continue to run every week and sometimes I run an official match. Swimming is a bit more difficult to keep up, but I’m compensating by using my bike a lot more. In the new year I hope to publish more short entries on this blog. I also hope to learn a little Spanish and maybe see some part of the world I have not seen before.

I would like to thank everyone for the nice comments the past year! I wish everyone a very good 2006! Enjoy it!

Good intentions

Champagne!Traditionally, you need to make some good resolutions for the new year. For the new year I’ll try and repeat the pleasure and happiness that I have experienced in 2004 and to match or improve upon it in 2005. Probably I put the bar pretty high, but why not. My other good intention is to read the book the little prince, after which I’ll have a discussion about the book with my sister Kathy, Diana & friends. Reading the book should not be so difficult.

The new year will start with a very nice party in antwerp! I will miss the party at Ammer’s, where they will light a fortune of fireworks, but I’ll try and repair my absence during the next blow-cart of boarding event. In the new year I hope to visit Zuzana and Fransisca (plannen for next week), visit Ana in Madrid, enjoy a trip to Chicago (maybe) and visit the Czech republic for a nice week.

The only challenge that remains to me is entering the new year without a job. Still, there isn’t a cell in my body that doubts that a great new year is awaiting me.

I wist everyone an extremely good 2005!


It is a tradition to look back at the end of a year and draw the conclusions you see fit. This year this tradition was even formalized and given a deadline for tomorrow, the 12th of December. All the family members have been asked to write a little piece about the last year which will be bundled in the Berg family chronicle 2004 (a very nice initiative). Of course I also did my part. When I look back I look back at a fantastic year that has passed. I enjoyed two vacations in the snow, one week skiing in France and one week in the Czech republic. But there was more…

After a few month I made a big decision. One that would change my life. I quit my job without having any alternative. I brought my letter of resignation the last day of the month to my employer Daidalos, while facing a very uncommon Dutch snowstorm. There were cars piled up against trees and on the side of the road because of the slippery roads. Nature was screaming to me not to resign, but I was determined.

Once unemployed an incredible happiness came over me. I read a lot of books, ran the half marathon in Leiden, partied a lot, etc. etc. but slowly after a few month boredom started to catch up with me. In another impulse I made another decision and called a traveling agency. A week later I was in New York with a rental car, my visa card and a ticket back home from San Fransisco.

Traveling for two months through the US was a fantastic experience. An experience that will surely have an effect for a long time. I have seen a lot, experienced a lot and met a lot of (sometimes strange) people.

After my adventure in America I went home again. Relaxing for some time until suddenly a job was looking for me. It was like the world was turned up side down, all thanks to my resume that was posted online. As a result the last two months of the year I could start working for myself at the ministry of transport.