USA 2004
I went (in my rental car) from New York to Boston, Niagra Falls, Toronto, Detroit (:-r), Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Kansas City, Denver, Gold digging exp., Rocky Mountain, Canyonlands, Arches, Moab, Mesa Verde, Petrified forest (ripoff), Meteor Crater, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon north rim, Brice Canyon, Zion, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Joshua Tree, San Diego, Tijuana, Hollywood, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, San Fransisco

  1. New York
  2. Boston
  3. Toronto
  4. Detroit
  5. Chicago
  6. St. Louis
  7. Memphis
  8. Little Rock
  9. Kansas City
  10. Denver
  11. Moab
  12. Las Vegas
  13. San Diego
  14. Hollywood
  15. San Fransisco
You can look at a more realistic map here, or view a huge picture of the actual map I used to keep track of the places I've been.

New YorkNew York

New York was my first stop. I went from the airport with the subway to my hotel, and when I was getting out of the subway I was totally amazed... Huge building all over the place! My hotel was next to broadway :-p. I had to adjust my neck to look up more.
After staying in New York for about a week I continued to Boston. The lobster city. Boston was nice and there lived a huge lot of russian people.


Niagara FallsNiagara Falls

Niagara Falls was nice. The falls were a lot smaller than I had imagined! Walking across the bridge from America to Canada was nice to... especialy going back. You had to pay 50 cents to get across the border! And paying 50 cents sucks if you only have visa.
Toronto rocks! I was here for the weekend, and the city just didn't stop partying :-). Luckely I had found out about the caffeine pills concept a few days earlier, so this was the best place to test them.


Detroit  Detroit

Detroit sucks! I never thought I could be so happy leaving a place. I was in downtown Detroit for one day, and it was one day to long... Empty and burned out buildings all over the place. Everything was extremly dirty. Huge factory chimneys pumping thick white smoke into the air were about one meter high... Yech! On the good side... I did see a gas station where they sold kerosine, and quite a few cars with real spinners :-p
Chicago was great! I spent around four days here. A few days just lying on the beach :-)


St. LouisSt. Louis

St. Louis had the B52's! Yeah!!!
Visited elvis' home, but that was boring..


Little Rock
Little Rock

Little rock was also pretty dull.
Here I bought my digital camera. So no more disposeble stuff. The amount of pictures I took increased dramatically after this.

Kansas City
Kansas City

Denver & Gold digging exp.

Yeah! Found real gold!

Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain

Canyonlands & Arches & Moab
Canyonlands and Arches and Moab

The arches were very cool, but don't go there to see the sunset, because when I did it started to rain like it had never rained before.

Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde

Petrified forest
Petrified Forest

Okay, I expected a HUGE forest filled with petrified trees, but no... there were just a few pieces of petrified tree trunk lying around. A total disappointment.
Oh my god. I actually paid to see this. What a crap!

Meteor crater
Meteor Crater

Lake Powell
Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a place where only rich people walk around. Great parties, boats, booze, girls, fun, swimming pools, great!.

Grand Canyon (south & north)
Grand Canyon

Brice Canyon
Brice Canyon

Very cool park, but I felt like I was back in holland. Only dutch people around!
Zion was the best park!


Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Sin City was so cool! Ofcource I only lost money, but it was an adventure I will never forget. Walking outside in the extreme heat, where cold water is blown in your face. Even far past midnight it's still hot. The when you go inside a casino it's like heaven... It's cool, lights en happy sounds everywhere, and I heard they even pump oxygen enhanced air into the casino's to make you happier. All the free shows were also very nice.
Oh ja, ook nog iets cultureels gedaan... hooverdam, maar dat was niet echt wat ik verwacht had.. *gaap*
After the petrified 'forest' I expected a single tree in this park... But no.. the park was great. Huge amounts of those cool joshua trees everywhere. I found out a joshua tree is the same type of plant I have at home :-). The park was very very hot, but it had some kind of magical aura on it.

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

San Diego, Tijuana
San Diego and Tijuana

Tijuana = sad donkeys you cen sit on and have your picture taken, all the medicines you desire, (cheap) tequila, souvenirs and all other touristic crap you can think of.
Where else... Hollywood was the only place I experienced the results of a brutal police persuit. One bad-guy car and one cop-car were total-loss. The block where the crash occured was cramped full with other cop-cars and cops, all investigating stuff.


Sequoia & Kings Canyon


San Fransisco
San Fransisco
San Fransisco - General
San Fransisco - Dylans tour
San Fransisco - Chinese Garden
San Fransisco - Alcatraz
San Fransisco - Pier 49

San Fransisco was my last destination. From here I flew back to New York and the back to Amsterdam. SF was so cool! I stayed here the longest time, like a week or so, and liked it a lot. SF is a very relaxed city.
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