Louis de Funès and a puzzle

I can still remember the situation perfectly. As a little boy I was sitting on the couch, next to my little brother and my family. We were all watching Louis de Funès. It was a series movie called something like ‘La gandarmes de Saint Tropez‘. In French with subtitles (with would normally take away any interest I would have), but with Louis is was different. I remember 45 minutes of hilarious situations, ridiculously funny solutions and mayhem. We were direct fans, and watched all the shows. I think in my subconciousness I connected France with the sense of pleasure and enjoyment. To this day visiting France makes me recall the feelings I felt as a little kid, watching the show. I look forward to visiting France more than any other place, just because I get a dose of happiness in advance.

The three kings arranged for a special gift this year. A puzzle, with a message on the back. After completing the puzzle the kids had to turn it around, and the gift became clear. This year the kids get a great adventure, and will visit France, to spend a couple of days at the Disney park, and a couple of days in Paris. We are not going with just the four of us, but we wil go with a big group of friends. 7 kids and 6 adults. I suspect it will be lots of fun and excitement.

We plan to go in June, so I still have time to practice my ‘Louis de Funès’-French a bit. Finally I will be able to use my standard/favourite French vocabulary.

– ‘La summicion sil vous plaid’, the bill please
– ‘Bonjour’, good morning
– ‘un vin avec fromage avec un crossant sil vous plaid’, a wine with some cheese and a croassant please
– ‘merci bocoupe, au revour’, thanks a lot, see you
– ‘Command tu t apelle’, whats your name?
– ‘Je m apelle Adrie’, i’m adrie
– ‘Un chien avec un tres petit cull’, a dog with a very small penis

Except for the last sentence all my French should be really useful.

Endless advertisements on YouTube

It is getting ridiculous! Years ago (in 2009!) I was already complaining but I never realised it was just the beginning. They were just getting started. Advertisements are now literally everywhere, and you are forced to either pay to reduce the amount, or find other solutions. Just letting it slide, and trying to ignore the ads is nearly impossible, and costs way to much time. Here is a completely legal solution to this problem.

Case study: Youtube has really made a turn for the worst. Not only do you have to endure two or three ads before watching the video you want to see, often times there are ads during the video, and some ads added to the end. If it is a short video you want to see you will be forced to watch much more advertisements than actual content. Sometimes a button will be provided to skip the ads, but this button is hard to press on a smart tv.

Solution for your smart TV: Install SmartTubeNext. This app is free and it offers exactly the same functionality as the YouTube app, except for all the ads. This is how you install this app: (easiest) install Downloader by AFTVnews on your Android TV, open it and enter kutt.it/stn_stable, then read, understand and confirm the security prompts. After this you will have the SmartTubeNext app installed, and you can finally enjoy content without constant interruptions. I did it on our own TV, and I have been so happy ever since! Once you get used to the slightly different interface you will never ever consider going back to the ‘normal’ YouTube app.

Solution for your phone: The YouTube app on my phone was unusable because of the frequent ads. The Brave browser opens YouTube just as normal, but does not download any advertisements. On the phone it does work clearly worse than the YouTube app, but skipping all ads is such a big advantage I feel like for now this is the best option.

Solution for your laptop: I changed to watching the movies in the Brave browser, just like on my phone.

Do you have a good working solution? Please let me know in the comments!

Party on La Gomera

We are taking a short break and we’ll be going to la Gomera for a couple of days. We leave by plane on tuesday and return home on thursday. A short trip but very welcome to break up our daily routine.

We will be going with a few friends and at la Gomera we rented a big car for 7 people where we can all just fit. In addition to a big car we also rented a big house, hopefully with a garden so we can maybe even have a bbq! It will be quite the adventure. Of course there is also a big celebration! It is Alan’s birthday, so there will be a great party.

Lego timelapse 31103

Alex likes working with his tablet to make things. It gets even more attractive when various pieces of equipment are involved. This time he has produced a timelapse. A small Lego car (his brothers) was disassembled and rebuild, but now while making a picture every couple of seconds. This way the construction goes really fast. Alex did the building and the post production editing on his tablet. Add the intro, add a couple of images, fix the sound, and some music, Alex knows what to do and how to do it really well. This is the result.


I will become a coach. The date we have to focus on is Saturday the 19th. The event is the Kids Race 2022, in Maspalomas. Alex and Alan will have to perform then. Alan will run 300 meters, and Alex needs to cover 1000 meters. The kids have developed some nasty habits for the weekends where they quickly get bored, and often the situation deteriorates rapidly into fighting. I hope to change this behaviour by focussing on something physical in the mornings. We will do a couple of training sessions, just like the real deal.

Usually we go to these running events without any preparation. The distances are so small that the kids can easily run them, and just participating is much more important than actually winning. This time I want to try and get a good result. Finish in the top 10. We need to approach this professionally. Evaluate the distance. Find out a good speed. See how much sprinting they can do. We have two weekends to prepare and train. If we go on Saterday and Sunday we have 4 sessions available. If they both try their distance twice it should be more than enough preparation. If they train in the morning they don’t even need to change their weekend routines (hopefully with less fighting).

The plan

  • Warming up. Walk to Romano (the track), do some jumping, some stretching, maybe a few push ups.
  • Review the track. Walk the entire distance, and discuss the optimal approach to running the distance in a good/easy/fast way.
  • Alan: 300 meters. First a small candy for some extra energy. Start running normally the first 220 meters, and finish with 80 meters superfast. Drink water and relax/rest. Do this twice! I will measure the time.
  • Alex: 1000 meters. First a small candy for some extra energy. Start running normally the first 300 meters, then slow down a bit for 300 meters to regain strength, then another 300 meters normally and finish with 100 meters superfast. Drink water and relax/rest. Do this twice! I will measure the time.
  • Cooling down, a few jumps, stretch, discuss results, walk back home.
  • Objective

    The results really are not so important. If the kids have a good time that is the only important thing. The preparation is more meant to stimulate the kids and to prepare them a bit. If they reach their goal of finishing with the first 10, well, thats great! It will boost their self-esteem, which is great. If they just finish that is also great. They will have prepared for something, and gave if their best try. This is also something to feel good about.

    Losing weight

    I have to admit that I did have some unhealthy habits the last few years. Almost every day I ate some sausage, or some cheese, or a couple of nuts. A few days a week I would also drink a beer (usually after running), and these habits were a bit to much. Luckily these habits were reasonably easy to change.

    A few weeks ago I was still close to 80 kilos. I then set my target to 75 kilos (which is my usual weight), but as I am getting closer to my goal I am thinking that maybe it would be better to have an even lower goal of around 68. This seems to be the perfect average BMI, and it will leave me with some extra leverage and maybe even with some extra health benefits.

    I somehow doubt that for me this is really an obtainable goal, because the last time I weight less than 70 kilos must have been literaly in the previous century but if I don’t try I will never know. If I manage to do it I must treat myself to a good gift. Maybe a new Dell laptop.

    One week challenge: Sunday

    This is a post for my one week challenge.

    [08:00] The kids once again wake up early, but thanks to YouTube we get a little bit extra time in the bed.

    [09:00] Alex’ caterpillar has finished the entire plant. There is not a single leaf left. We lost the caterpiller for a while but Alex rediscovered it on the Aloe Vera plant. It was bungling on a leaf there and I suspect it will start its metamorphosis there.

    [10:10] A classmate of Alex will ride in a mountainbike race today in Santa Brigida. We are going to watch and support him.

    [13:30] The race is finished and Maikel did a really good job. We are heading back home.

    [14:30] We all have dinner next door at grandma’s place. She make rice with rabbit and snails. After dinner I clean our windows. We went to the nearby park to play a little. Alan brought his footbal, and Alex his roller skates.

    This is the last day. My one week challenge is now complete! But… as usual these kind of challenges always end in a challenge to someone else. I have my doubts, but I think I will do it anyway. I challenge the next generation! Annabel, Alex, Jack and Alan! They will probably never learn about this challenge so we will see. If you do read it, and want to participate, it is easy. For one entire week write down what you do every day. As detailed or as general as you want.

    One week challenge: Saturday

    This is a post for my one week challenge.

    [08:00] De kids are already waking up. Luckily for us the head to the living room to watch some YouTube videos, so we don’t have to wake up just yet.

    [08:xx] Run the washing machine with all white clothes. I also cleaned the bathrooms.

    [10:30] Today there is an event in El Puertillo, Arucas, on the beach. Here we have the ‘Cangrejo Fest’ a festival with a lot of activities for kids, so it might be fun.

    [19:30] Back home. Shower, dinner, teeth, bathroom, and to sleep.

    One week challenge: Friday

    This is a post for my one week challenge.

    [07:00] Again the same ritual. Wake up, kids, car…

    [07:30] This morning we made a new list for the supermarkt. Ana had complained to me that we did not have anything. I stopped buying sodas, beers, salty snacks, sweet snacks, and Ana has gotten hungry. She wanted bread, croissants, sausage, cheese and cola. No problem of course, but I do need to know. It is now on my list, so maybe I will pass by the supermarket his afternoon.

    [07:50] The garage door is stuck. It won’t go up and it won’t go down. It is impossible to get the car out, and Ana has an important meeting, so we take a taxi to the hospital. From there I take the bus to my work. I was lucky that Ana had a couple of extra masks in her purse because in the taxi, and in public transport these are still a requirement.

    [08:55] Work, half an hour later than normal, but I arrived, and I think the delay was not that bad.

    [08:56] Punch in

    [16:56] Punch out. Head home. Finally it’s Friday. I do have to head home with the bus, so I will be on my way for a while.

    [18:30] It took a long time getting home with the bus. First wait half an hour for it to arrive, stand the entire trip home, and walk half an hour to my home.

    [19:00] The garage door was fixes, so I could get the car and do some last minute shopping.

    [20:00] Ana was in ‘el viento’ with the kids. They were playing with their friends. It is almost a tradition, every two weeks we go to the park on Friday, where the kids play with Diego’s kids. After a couple of hours of playing we usually go to Diego’s apartment where the kids eat a pizza, and the adults this evening drink a bottle of wine with some cheese and sausage. Not very good for my weight, but a very pleasant ending of the week..
    A book that was anticipated book for a long time has finally arrived! Months ago I pre-ordered ‘What if 2‘ on Amazon, and it is finally here. The first ‘What if‘ was a fantastic book, so I am sure I will enjoy this new one.

    [23:30] Home again. Teeth, bathroom, pyjama’s and we all went to bed.