GC5196A – A rubber ducky cache

Our first cache is finally live! Together with the Ammers we worked hard. Thought of routes, riddles, placing rubber duckies at child-friendly places, making pictures, writing nice descriptions, recording coordinates, asking permission. All for a very nice box filled to the rim with rubber duckies.

The result is a fantastic walk/search through a nice green part of the randstad. Searching brightly colored duckies and in the end finding a huge box filled with rubber ducks.Team Rubber ducky!


We are together again!

After a year of being separated weeks and weeks at a time finally the tide has changed. Our family is once again united and I can once again strive to be the best father I can be and teach my son some Dutch.

Alex was very happy to see his father again, but I was maybe even happier because I knew we would be together for a much longer time. To celebrate we went to see some big crocodiles in the Gran Canaria Crocodile park.