Bulbflower Parade

Bloemencorso 2013 - Ape!Bloemencorso 2013 - Strawberry!Bloemencorso 2013 - Fish!
Noordwijkerhout is a little town in the middle of the area where loads of flowers are grown. Normally it is a very quiet town and there is not a lot happening, but today there was something to be seen. The 66th annual Bulbflower Parade passes through town. A lot of cars all decorated with thousands and thousand of flowers.

It was very cold, but very nice to see.

iPhone 4

iPhone4!Big changes are usually followed by smaller changes. The same is true for my phone. I used to be very happy with the most basic phone I could find. Less is more in this area. A simple phone like my old Nokia is easier to use, has less parts that can break down, is cheaper, survives a tumbling and will never be stolen.

Thanks to my brother I have switched sides and I now walk around with a computer in a very fashionable design. An iPhone. Now I have access to wassap, facebook, google, shopping, banking, games, and everything a digital consumer might just want or need. I even typed this post on the iPhone. I was always a bit skeptic but I have changed my mind and plan to embrace the new digital era.

10 days

I have been in Holland since April and it has been quite a busy time. I needed to arrange a lot of things and I quickly started my new job. My first impression of Holland was that is was very very cold. Somehow I did not remember the low temperatures.

I underestimated the effect the distance between myself and Alex and Ana would have. The first few days it was very hard to be so far away. Still, in the end we worked out some kind of rhythm were we speak and see each other every day. This way we both stay up to date regarding our lives. Luckily I also have my family and friends close.