Mecanicos!More nicotine, more tar and more of everything for much less money. It’s a win-win situation. Mecanicos are a very cheap brand of cigarets from the Canary Islands and the price for a carton is less then 6 euros. This means you can get an entire carton of cigarets for a price that is less then what you pay for two packs in Holland. Too bad (?, not really) I don’t smoke.

I am quite certain now that somewhere on this island tobacco plants are being cultivated. Of course I would like a little plant of my own, just to be able to see it grow. It find it I will need to be smart. To find anything on the Canary islands that is not directly aimed at the tourists you will need to use the social network. There is just no other way. I will have to ask some Canarians and see if my integration on the island is sufficient to provide me with a result.