Knaak, gulden, kwartje, dubbeltje, stuiver

Guilder!Even though I now live in Spain I like to continue to collect Dutch coins. Luckily I’ve my family back home in Holland who don’t mind to every now and then pass by the post office and get me some special edition coin. The rest like the yearly sets I just buy online.

But now the royal Dutch mint has started a very strange action. To ‘honor’ the past they will create some replicas of ancient coins. Undoubtedly make some extra money, but the result seems highly undesirable. In the future it will be harder to know if a coin is ‘real’ or a replica. These coins are even made by the same organization. Fortunately the replicas will be made ??from silver, so the confusion will only arise with coins that were originally silver.

What is going to be the next step? Create replicas of entire collections of Dutch coins? Replicas that cannot be told apart from the real thing. I think it would be a wise choice if the royal Dutch mint focused on the current and the future and leave the past alone.