Check up

Every year we need to take our car for a checkup, because without checkup we could be a danger on the roads. Yesterday I drove to the car-check area and that did a thorough investigation of our Ibiza. Afterwards we had to pay some money for a little sticker, and now were set for a year.

Well, set for a year, not really. I could move the car forward, but with a lot of problems. After the checkup it seemed like someone removed all the wheels and the engine died at every stop I made. I was able to reach our mechanic with a lot of trouble, having to listen to a good share of criticism being shouted towards me on the way. I think that during the test of the car they have shaken some part from its position (the last test involved a lot of shaking)

This afternoon I will hear the verdict. For me its the first time I went for a checkup of the car, got it checked OK, and left with a wreck and an absolute danger on the road.


ITV!In spain the periodical check of a car is called the ITV and yesterday I had my first experience with this organisation. We went to the building and first had to pay 35 euros. In return we got a stack of papers.

Afterwards we had to drive through a garage where a lot of mechanics were checking cars. We had to stop at three separate parts and three different mechanisc were shouting commands. Breaks, light, windscreen wipers, reverse, hand brake, accelerate, clutch,lots of gas, little gas, etc. All really fast and difficult to follow. I had a translator with me in the car, but for her it also went very fast. In the meanwhile the forms were filled up.

Afterwards the car checked out okay. There were some minor details lik some rust, but we can drive the car one more year. After 5 minutes we got a small little sticker for the windscreen and we were off again.