Madeira pictures

A wireless connection is ideal. Except if the wireless connection is your neighbors and you are using it without him knowing about it. In this case all you can do it hope it will work. If you loose your connection there is nowhere to complain about it.

At my current location the wireless connection is usually very bad (Muy baja), but today was an exception and the connection was suddenly very good. A perfect moment to post my pictures from Madeira!


Madeira!At first we were going to go with just three persons, but this quickly changed to six persons. Then the destination changed from Madeira to Tunisia. Eventually we booked a trip to Madeira for four persons and now we are going to attempt to add another person to the already booked trip.

It was quite a struggle to get the plans straightened out but in the end it all worked out. In the beginning of August I’ll be enjoying Madeira. The island of the Madeira wine, the wild canaries and the tasty local fish. Madeira is also know as the island of flowers so it promises to be a nice vacation.