Like water under the bridge

Sometimes problems vanish really fast. I was having ‘problems’ with a car wreck that I rented. I wanted a car for a month, but after seeing it and driving it just once just thinking about driving it again made me bath in fear. I was offered a replacement, but the cars were all similar. No deal.

Now what was left was getting my money back. I asked for it multiple times, but I did not actually get it. The guy who rented me the car eventually just refused to return my money, and told me it would just keep the money and offered me a discount of 250 euros on a car I could buy from him. Buying a car from this person obviously seemed a very bad idea.

Then Ana took to the phone. It seemed her second call had some positive effect. After Ana’s first call the sales person contacted me and told me he did not want to speak to Ana any more. Ana had told him a lot of things, like ‘It’s easy to rip of a foreigner, but I´m not one of them’, ‘There is no contract, and you’re doing illegal things’ and ‘The cars you rent are dangerous’, and these comments seemed to work.

Her last call was the final push the sales man needed. ‘Tomorrow you get a refund’, I was told in harsh language. It was even repeated a few times. The effect was that the next day I got my money back, but I was threatened that I would never be allowed to buy a car from the guy. Well, I can live with that without problems.

Car for rent

Advice: Never rent a car in Spain without seeing it first. Not even if the person renting it to you is the friend of your boss. I was lucky to have a Spanish girlfriend who was able to solve a lot of problems by just using the phone, but still…

I made a mistake. I rented a car for a month without seeing it first. I just figured I would save one and a half hour of transport every day, but the car was far from perfect. A broken front screen, a headlight that did not work, the working light was extremely weak, holes in the doors where the locks should have been and a windscreen wiper that I was afraid to use.

I returned the car quickly, and I’ll try and find some alternative. I’ve learned my lesson. Next time I will verify what I’m paying for before I get my wallet.