Wieder zurück

Die läste Wochenende war ich in Prague, zuzammen mit Zuza und Fran. Es war eine super tolle Wochenende, und wir habe viel spaß gemacht. Ich habe auch noch etwas Deutsch gelehrt. ‘Ein mass’ müss ich die nächste mal wenn ich in Deutschland bin bestellen :-)
Und naturlich hab ich die bilder jetzt online gesetzt. Bis die nächste mal, vielleicht im Amsterdam/Leiden oder im München?!

Prague again

This afternoon I’ll be leaving for yet another visit to the beautiful and cozy Prague. I had been thinking about going by train, but decided to scrap that idea. If I would travel via Fran in Germany it would take me almost 16 hours of travel including 6 or 7 changeovers, costing me way to much time. By air the trip will take me just a little hour.

This time I will visit Zuza together with Franziska, so it promises to be a nice weekend filled with tourist attractions, combined with a nice doze of German and Czech language. Of course I’ll go and find the typical Absinth spoon which I need to perform the perfect Absinth drinking ritual.

Absinth ritual

Absinth!Naturally I brought a bunch of souvenirs from my weekend in Prague. One of the souvenirs is a small special bottle of ‘Absinth – The Green Fairy’. Since a few days I know that you don’t just drink Absinth just like that. No! There is ritual you need to follow, and if there’s something I like it’s rituals. :-)

This is the official (Czech) Absinth ritual:
· Fill up a very small glass with 1/4 of Absinth.
· Place a special teaspoon on top of the glass, and place a little cube of sugar on top of the teaspoon.
· Poor 1/4 of Absinth over the sugar cube that is hanging above the Absinth.
· Light the sugar cube and let it burn for a while (like a minute).
· When the sugar cube starts to turn to caramel extinguish the fire and stir the sugar through the Absinth.
· Add some ice cold water to the Absinth and it is ready to drink. Enjoy!

To illustrate:
Absinth ritual!The spoon with the sugar is on top of the glass. After poring some absinth over it you simply burn the sugar… wait a little and that stir everything together. That’s it. Be careful though… there is a rumor that says you might get drunk very fast.

Nazdravje! Na zdraví!


Praha, Czech!To bad it’s over already. My very nice weekend visiting Prague went past way to fast. At least I enjoyed myself a lot and I’m already looking forward to next month when I will visit Zuza again. Next month I will not take the plane (time required: 1:10) but I’ll take the train (time required: 12:00), because I’ll be going together with Francesca. The funny thing is that I cannot recall her, but after some mails she reassured me that she would recognize me. Well, at least we’ll have something to talk about while we spend a lot of time sitting in the train.

Honey cake

Why do people, when I say I’ll be baking a cake, directly assume it will be a space-cake… I’m not making a space-cake this time. This time I’ll be baking a honey-cake! Based on a traditional Czech recipe. :-p

Tomorrow or this weekend I’ll give my culinary abilities a nice test. I already got all the ingredients and all the equipment. All I need to do is make the connections and hopefully a delicious cake will be the result. With this cake I should probably invite my parents and brother to come by and visit, so that all future criticism about lacking cookies will be ended. ;-)

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Home again

Metro station Chodov!I’m home again and I’m pretty tired. According to the Czech people beer can be compared to a kind of liquid bread. If this is really the case then the last week I have drank quite a large amount of bread.

Breakfast in the Czech republic was normally a sandwich with a beer and a shot of liquor. Sometimes breakfast was just some liquor made from berries, mixed with hot water. Afterwards the touristic part of the day started. My guide Zuza showed me various parts of the beautiful Prague. We started out viewing big parts of the city during the day and visiting a lot of bars during the evening. As the week progressed the time we spend in bars drinking and eating also increased quite a lot.

The result was a very nice week. Prague is a great city that I will have to visit again soon :-)

Hey Babaribariba

Carnival in Prague!!!Carnival is a party that needs to be celebrated, and it needs to be celebrated good! In Prague they celebrate carnival really good.

I just went to some awesome club, Palaca Acropolis in the Zizkov neighborhood (of course in Prague), and the stage in this club was full of people partying.

They celebrated carnival with close to all musical instruments you can think of, and the result was very nice. It resembled a combination of the Blues Brothers and Vive la Fete, with the only difference that the music was played a lot faster : -p


Prague!Since a few days I’m home again after a very tiring but very enjoyable snowboard vacation. Tomorrow I head over to Prague, to visit Eliska and Zuza :-)

I had planned to go by train, but the costs are higher then the airplane, and it needs to be arranged weeks in advance. Going by plane is a lot of hassle booking everything last minute, so I think I’ll try my luck and go by car.

I am very curious… after some research I found out Prague is a beautiful historic city and I’ll be visiting the perfect guide that live in the middle of it all. Still I’m going to buy a tourist guide, together with a bottle of berry brandy and a packet of cookies to be well prepared. ;-)


Becherovka!Just said my goodbyes to Zuzana. Today we went to visit Madurodam once again, and I learned that Escher was in fact a Dutch guy, we visited de pier and ate a nice herring sandwich. It was a very nice week, and Zuza told me I absolutely had to visit her in Prague before going back to work. In fact she told me I was welcome to visit as much as I wanted, and I would not even mind visiting her a few times.

I discovered I have a deep respect for the Czech way of life.Every day around one Zuzana proposed to start drinking some beer, quickly moving onwards to stronger liquors. After I told her I did not like becherovka, I was told I just licked it, and should drink some more. Strange, because I distinctly noted my throat burning. I got the advice to practice a lot more drinking beer and alcohol to be prepared to visit Prague.