Coco cookies

Coco cookies!Super easy, super tasty and super fun to make. What else could you ask for.

– A package of cookies
– Condensed milk
– A package of coconut powder

Step 1: Throw all the cookies into the blender and mash them up into a fine or semi-fine powder.
Step 2: Mix the cookie powder with a part of the coconut powder and the condensed milk. Mix it all up, and then make small balls of the mix.
Step 3: Roll the balls through the coconut powder and lay them all out on a big plate. When you have all the balls place the plate in the refrigerator. After the balls have turned more firm in the fridge they are all done!

Extra (will take a lot more time preparing):
– Buy one or two coconuts to present your coconut cookies in style.

Use a saw to cut the coconut in half. Use only the part without the three marks, and try and give this part the ideal size you prefer. One of the three marks can be easily pushed in, push a hole in this mark to get all of the liquid out of the coconut. Once drained saw the coconut in half carefully. Take out the white insides with a spoon, and leave the coconut a white so it can dry. Now you need to make the inside and the edge smooth using sandpaper.
You can leave the outside a bit rougher if you like, but it will make the coconut more difficult to clean. I smoothed the top two centimeters of the outside, so it will be nice when using the coconut for drinking. In this case we will not drink from the coco; we will fill it up with the coco-balls we created. The perfect presentation.

Costs: Cheap package of cookies: 1.20, condensed milk: 2.50, coco powder: 2.00, two coconuts: 2.00. Total: 13.97.
Homemade coco-balls presented in a fantastic coco-cup: Priceless

Super-easy cake recipe

Ingredient and measuring cup!A couple of days ago I made another cake and I wanted to share this extremely easy recipe. You use one yogurt cup for all the measurements, so there are almost no dishes to clean!

– One small cup with yogurt (lemon or vanilla taste, or whatever taste you like)
– 2 eggs
Use the empty yogurt cup (no need to clean it) to measure the next items:
– about one cup of sugar
– about 3 cups of flour
– about half a cup of olive oil

Throw everything together and mix with a spoon until it is a somewhat smooth mass. Afterwards you can optionally add some extra ingredients like:
– extra pieces of apple
– extra pieces of chocolate
– extra pieces of walnut
– extra pieces of banana
– extra pieces of rasped lemon peel

Put everything in the desired shape. Put in a preheated oven around 180 degrees for 45 minutes. Let cool, and you’re done.

Menu from 2035?

In twenty years time a lot will change and one of these changes will be the food we eat. Meat will become a luxury product that only the richt will be able to afford. The rest of the population will be forced to find alternatives. Fake meat, meat like or maybe even insects. We are already adapting to the future and made some nice meals with insects.

Tortilla with worms!
Tortilla with worms.
Ingredients: Buffalo-worms, egg, potato, chorizo
Result: Good!

Grasshoppers and shrimp!
Grasshoppers with garlic and shrimp.
Ingredients: Grasshoppers, shrimp, algae, mushrooms
Result: Well…. maybe it was a bit to salty and the grasshoppers take some getting used to. They have a strange crunchy structure. We need a bit more time to get used to this dish, but it has potential.


Meat is getting more and more scarce. There are more people every day, and even though we can fit more animals in smaller spaces they can’t keep up with the growth of the human population. In our near future we will have to widen the range of things we eat, and it looks like we will have to include bugs into our diet.

Alex and me have started already. A dried bug it’s all that bad, and if you mix it with something else it should be okay. What surprised me was that Alex didn’t have any problem trying a little bug.

Bugs, Alex and Adrie!


Alex covered with lemons!
Alex likes picking lemons and this has resulted in a very big amount of fruit. To bad the taste is so sour. Still, once mixed with water and some sugar the taste is quite nice.

The recipy is simple:

  • 4 lemons
  • 1 liter of water
  • 100 grams sugar

Cheese in oil

Cheese in olive oil!Recently I went on and treated myself to something new. I purchased a jar containing pieces of cheese in oil. The cheese has a delicious strong taste like somehow the oil had enhanced the taste. A jar of cheese in oil was quite expensive and I don’t understand why. It´s very easy to prepare yourself.

Take a large glass jar. Fill the jar for about three-quarters with squares (of about 2 cm) of a mature tasty cheese. Add a layer of good olive oil so that all the cheese ends up covered in oil. Now leave the cheese in the oil for at least two months, but preferably bit longer. To add even more flavor I’ll experiment a little and add a little pepper. Maybe the cheese will turn extra spicy.

It is a really long wait but in the end you will finally be able to eat the delicious cheese accompanied by a nice glass of wine. Enjoy!

Noordwijkerhoutse salade

Geheel volgens de tradities van kerst is een belangrijk onderdeel het gezellig samenzijn en samen eten. Zo ook dit jaar, maar in plaats van het samenzijn met familie vieren we het met vrienden hier op het eiland.

Het idee is dat iedereen iets te eten maakt. Voor morgen maak ik een flink aantal lekkere sushi’s en voor de 25ste maak ik een lekkere salade want het plan is om dan te gaan BBQ-en. De salade die ik ga maken is volgens een traditioneel Noordwijkerhouts familierecept van Kees en Nel, aangepast aan Spanje. Omdat ik hiervoor nog geen recept online heb staan plaats ik deze maar nu, zodat ik voor de toekomst een referentie heb.


  • Aardappelen
  • Wortels
  • Augurkjes
  • Dop erwten
  • Zilveruitjes
  • Mayonese
  • Olijven
  • Ei
  • Blikje tonijn
  • Stap 1: Kook een flink aantal aardappelen en kook een paar wortels. Kook ook 1 of 2 eieren hard. Laat alles afkoelen.

    Stap 2: Stamp de aardappelen fijn, en snij de wortels en augurkjes in stukjes. Eventueel kan je de zilveruitjes in twee stukjes snijden.

    Stap 3: Mix de aardappelen met de wortels, de augurk, de ewrten, de olijven, de uitjes de in stukjes gehakte ei, en de tonijn. Als alles is gemixt voeg je een flinke klodder mayonese toe, en mix je alles nogmaals. Nu breng je de boel op smaak met het vocht van de augurkjes en zilveruitjes. Een beetje vocht uit beide potjes, maar niet teveel, want dan wordt het een natte boel.

    Stap 4: Zet het geheel een tijdje in de koeling en eet smakelijk!

    De verschillen
    Er zijn een aantal verschillen die ik heb doorgevoerd om de salade ook in Spanje geaccepteerd te krijgen. Niet veel, maar het zijn details. Het originele Noordwijkerhoutse recept bevat geen olijven, geen ei en geen tonijn, maar bevat in plaats hiervan een gekookte hamlap in blokjes gesneden.

    Catching crab

    Catching crab!We just returned from a nice trip. First we went to the local decathlon shop where they had a nice offer on fishing rods. 10 euros for a set including all things required to catch a fish and because a fan of fishing is visiting us at the moment we bought a couple of fishing rods and went crab fishing. It was a lot of fun and the result was pretty stunning. We caught 8 big crabs which we of course ate.

    To catch a crab there are some tricks we used. First you need to dangle a piece of bate right before the crabs nose. We used a little piece of snail as bait. When the crab took the bait we quickly moved the line a few times around the crab so it would get tangled up a bit. Afterwards just lift the crab and it was easy to catch. Once you have the crab in the air, take it by the back and carefully untangle the fishing line. Be careful of the crabs claws because for such a small animal the claws can hurt quite a bit.

    A nice crab recipe: Make a sauce by backing some garlic and some tomatoes in hot oil. Kook the crabs until they reach a nice red color. Throw away the water and cut the crabs in half. Throw the crabs into the sauce and leave them to simmer for a while. Make a big pan of spaghetti. Take the crab halves from the sauce and serve the crabs separately. Mix the sauce with the spaghetti and enjoy your meal.


    Almogrote!A bit of a strange tappa that I sometimes encounter in Gran Canaria is Almogrote (pronounced as: al-mo-grot-te ). This is normally a very small tappa but a very nice and tasty mixture of cheese to eat with a piece of bread or toast. In addition it is very easy to make yourself.

    Almogrote contains the following ingredients:

  • A piece of old cheese (Canarian goat cheese is the preferred cheese)
  • A small tomato
  • Some red paprika powder
  • A piece of garlic
  • A little bit of olive oil
  • The old cheese should be very old cheese. Cut it into little pieces. Add all the ingredients into a mixer and mix everything until you get a semi smooth substance. It should still contain some little pieces of old cheese. Thanks to the oil you added the substance should be more of less fit to smear on a piece of toast. Only use a little bit to put on a piece of toast because the taste will be quite strong. Even a little bit of Almogrote can be used to decorate a lot of pieces of toast.

    Serve the Almogrote with toast of bread and a nice glass of (Spanish) red wine to enjoy this delicacy the best way.

    Jamon Iberico

    Pata Nagra!Een wit voetje halen betekend dat je iets goed doet. In de wereld van de varkens-poten is een wit voetje echter een teken van een standaard kwaliteitje. Een zwart voetje is teken van top kwaliteit.

    Het verschil tussen een poot van standaard kwaliteit en topkwaliteit is afhankelijk van het ras van het varken, het voer dat ie krijgt, of ie al dan niet gemasseerd wordt en de tijd dat het poot kan rijpen. De tijd om te rijpen is minimaal een jaar maar kan veel meer zijn.

    Deze week hebben we, dankzij de ouders van Ana, een Jamon (zeg: gamon) Iberico in huis. Eentje met een pikzwarte voet. Samen met een houten rek om het poot in te hangen en een vlijmscherp mes is dit voldoende om te genieten van een culinair hoogtepuntje uit de Spaanse cultuur.