Drupal module – Access Unpublished

Drupal!For some time now I have been involved with Drupal, creating quite a few websites. Recently my involvement with the Drupal community increased and I published my first module. The module is called ‘Access Unpublished‘ and it can be used to allow people to view content which is not yet published/public.

Normally when you create content for a Drupal site you will either want to make it public for the whole world to see, limit access to some users or user groups, or keep the data only for yourself. But what if you want to share some content and not require registration of the people you want to share with?

This is where my module is useful. It will provide you with a special URL that you can send to others, to allow them to access the content you created. The special URL can be shared, and only the people who have the URL can see the data.