Radar & In a ditch

Leiden - Brahmslaan!My appartment in Leiden was part of a TV program and it was featured on TROS Radar.

But, as often the case, the media coverage involved exaggerating the facts a little. Once there was also an article in the local newspaper about me. It informed the people that some victim of an accident involving a car and a bit had broken his jaw. In reality the victim was me, and though I had indeed been hit by a car, and taken to the hospital, I was without damage.

The TROS Radar TV show went undercover to film at my apartment. The program wanted to show that people that wanted to rent a home were changed things that had also been paid by the people that supplied the home. Something like that, and if was shown that it was not legal to charge two different parties for the same thing. Only the renters could be charged or the person renting out the place. Not both.

The funny thing was that the person representing me (I never met this person in my life) did have quite some stories about me to share. I was heavily in debt, divorced, and basically having a very bad time.