Egypte!Jaja, de vakantie is geboekt. We hebben lekker allebei drie weken vrij, van 19 september tot 12 oktober, waarvan we de eerste week naar Egypte gaan. Hierna volgen twee weken die we ter plekke gaan inplannen, dus dat zien we nog wel.
Het plan voor Egypte is als hieronder beschreven (let op, het betreft een babelfish vertaling van de spaanse reisbeschrijving, maar het gaat om het idee)

Het plan komt neer op eerst 4 dagen een cruise over de Nijl. Lekker plaatsjes bezoeken en rustig wennen aan de enorme hitte en grote hoeveelheden ongedierte (alhoewel dat in Spanje ook bij het normale leven hoort), en hierna drie dagen in de hoofdstad. We willen nog een tochtje plannen naar Abu Simbel, een mooi dorpje ergens en uiteraard een avondje gezellig ergens een hapje eten onder het genot van een buikdansshow. Yeah, nog een maandje om me voor te bereiden, en dan gaan we het zien. Ik heb er flink zin in.


Presentation in the airport 2 hours before the exit of the special flight. Invoicing in the counter of the company that corresponds and exit with Luxor destiny. Arrival and procedure of the visa in the airport (34 € by person to pay directly). Transfer to the motor-ship of category selected by the client to initiate the cruise by the Nile. Accomodation in the staterooms. Lodging on board.


Breakfast and visits of the Necrópolis de Tebas, visiting the famous Valley of the Kings, the temple of medinet Habu de Rameses III, the temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossuses of Memnon, that kept the entrance to the funeral temple from King Amenophis III, visit of the Temples of Karnak and Luxor that form the monumental but important set of Egypt. After the visit, return to the motor-ship. Lunch and to the estimated time beginning of the passage. Dinner and lodging on board.


Breakfast and arrival to Edfu, we will visit in caleche the Temple of Edfu, the God of head of Hawk Horus, who this considered the best one conserved of Egypt, besides being the second greatest one of the country. Of return to the boat, – we will sail by late, we will visit the temple dedicated to the Gods Haroeris, of head of sparrowhawk and Sobek, God with crocodile head. Said temples it consists of double entrances, door and altar; in Kom Ombo, also we will be able to contemplate the Nilometro, used by old the Egyptians to measure the level of waters of the river. Boarding in the motor-ship and lunch. To the estimated time, the passage will be started again towards Aswan. Dinner and night on board.


Breakfast in the boat. The city of Aswan, is about 900 kilometers of the city of Cairo; located the Tropic of Cancer in the heat of. Visit of the high prey, an incredible engineer installation that retains waters of the Nile river, creating the Nasser lake, later, visits of the red granite quarry, where is the famous Unfinished Obelisk, of 41 meters of height, and where we will be able to observe the ingenious procedure used by old the Egyptians for the extraction of the granite blocks. Return to the motor-ship to take the lunch. In the evening, a stroll by the river will be realised in the typical boats of fishermen met like “falucas”. Return to the motor-ship. Dinner and lodging on board.

Day 5 ASWAN – Cairo

Breakfast and visits optional the impressive temple of Abu Simbel (in airplane or by highway), carved in the western cliff of the desert by Rameses II in century XII before Christ, with dedicated statues the God Amon Ra of 20 meters of height; and the temple of Nefertari, dedicated to the Hathor goddess; after the visit, return to take the airplane to Cairo. Arrival to the airport of Cairo and transfer to the hotel of the selected category. Lodging.

Day 6 Cairo

Breakfast in the hotel. Optional visit to the museum of Egyptian Art. In the evening, the visit from noon will be realised to the esplanade of Pyramids of Gizeh, magnificent monumental set considered one of the seven wonders of the old world that correspond to Pharaohs Keops, Kefren and Micerinos as well as enigmatic of human head and the body of lion. Lodging.

Day 7 Cairo

Breakfast in the hotel and free day at the disposal of the clients. We can realise some of the facultative visits that to us our representatives will propose like for example: complete day to visit monuments and the library of Alexandria, Memphis and Sakara, the Citadel of Saladino, the Mosques of sultanes Hassan and Rifai or the Bazaar of Khan the Khalili. (Optional Excursions). Lodging in the hotel.

Day 8 Cairo – MADRID

Breakfast and collection in the hotel to the been suitable hour. Transfer to the international airport of Cairo to embark in special flight with destiny Barcelona or Madrid. Steps of invoicing and boarding.

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