De italiaan

Goed, hij heeft een onvoorstelbaar lange baard, maar toch blijft ie enorm leuk. Vandaag heb ik 5 minuten krom gelegen vanwege de aloude mop van de italiaan. Uiteraard is dit een mop die je eigenlijk hardop moet vertellen, maar als geheugensteun is ie hier toch als tekst…

Drukke Italiaan?!De italiaan

One day imma gona to Malta to bigga hotel
In the morning i go down to eat a breakfast
I tell the waitress i wanna 2 pisses of toast
She brings me only one piss
I tell her i wanna to piss
She says go to the toilet
I say you dont understand
I want to piss on my plate
She say you better no piss on the plate
You son of a bitch!
I dont even know the lady
And she calls me a son of a bitch


I go to eat at a bigga resturant
The waitress bring me a spoon and
a knife, but no fork!
I tell her i wanna the fuck
She tellin me everyone wanna fuck
I tell her you dont understand
I wanna fucka on the table
She say you better not fuck on the table
You son of a bitch!

So i go back to my room in a hotel
And there is no sheets on the bed
Call the manager and im tellin him i wanna shit!
He tellin me go to the toilet
I say you dont understand
I wanna shit on my bed!
He say you better not shit on my bed
You son of you bitch!

I go to the check out
and the man in the desk says
Peace on you, i said piss on you too
you son of a bitch!
Im goin back to Italia, Arrivederci

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