Toys ‘R Us

I’m really enjoying myself. I just walked across Broadway and am still impressed. First I sort of got lost in a Toys ‘R Us shop and afterwards I got a very big medium milkshake at the Mac. Then I was just walking around the chaos of people, cars, taxis and famous people. :-p

Of course I also went by the Virgin store, looking for interesting trance music. The offer was just huge. Now I’ll spend my last 6 minutes of internet and then I’m off to find some food somewhere.

Oh, even here!!! Sad supporters all dressed up in orange. :-) They are the typical fans of the Dutch football team. Their colors make them easy to recognize, and there are quite a lot, more that I would have expected.

3 thoughts on “Toys ‘R Us

  1. He Berg..leuk om te lezen! En cool dat je er bent…alles goed gegaan met de vlucht dus. Mooi. Ik ben benieuwd naar je verdere verhalen over de USA en alle gave dingen..en de verhalen over de supersize porties van de Mac kloppen dus :-) En niet elke dag he? Tot later..veel plezier. Hein

  2. Hee berg, inderdaad leuk dat je erbent. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je verhalen en neem inderdaad een hoop nieuwe trance mee. Dat klinkt goed.

  3. Tof Berg dat je er bent. Geniet van NY en the States. Ga je ook digitale foto’s plaatsen?
    En o ja, ik ga iedereen bruut verslaan in de voetbalpol ;-)

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