I have arrived!!!!

YEEEEHESSSSS, I have arrived!!!!

And it is really COOL!!! I am in New York, on the 23rd floor of a very small but comfortable hotel… just below Central Park and nest to Times Square.

But first things first, the entire story from this morning. First I drove to Noordwijkerhout at a quarter to seven I believe… afterwards my father and mother brought me to the airport and made sure I passed the customs. After customs I was frisked twice and needed to fill in a long list of questions. All my bags were searched, and people expressed surprise at seeing the large amount of food I brought, but they let it pass.

I ended up inside the plane and spend quite some time listening to music I brought on my mp3 player. I arrived in New York half and hour early where I was questioned again and my bags were searched again. Still I was able to pass the checks quite fast and then I was in. :-D

In New York I took the subway to my hotel, and when I left the subway and made my way to the surface I was really surprised. Everywhere I looked I saw huge buildings, shops everywhere, yellow cabs everywhere… really nice and my hotel was right in the middle of it all :-p

The time here is 2 minutes past 4, so you can calculate the difference yourself. Internet is everywhere and right now I’m in an easyinternetcafe, that is located just next door to my hotel. Now I only need to get MSN running.

My phone is just as expected useless. I’m going to have to get a new one. Also I need to get some public transport card for a few days and of course a camera…

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